Bernise: Add Media and Gallery

Add An Image To Your Post

Click on the “Add Media” button.

Add media to post in WordPress

After clicking on the “Add Media” button, the media library screen will pop up. The media library screen displays all your current media uploaded to your website.
Select an image and assign it to your post/page by clicking on the “Insert Into Post” button.

WordPress media library

Visual Editor View

Visual editor view WordPress

Text Editor View

Text editor view WordPress

Publish/Update your post.

You can also add new images from your computer per 1)upload or per 2)drag & drop.

WordPress upload images

Create A Gallery

Click on the “Add Media” button to open the WordPress media library. Select images you want to include in your gallery. Once you select images, click on the “Create A New Gallery” button.

create gallery on WordPress - select images

A new screen pops up and shows your chosen images. You can order the images, add captions or, choose in how many columns you want to display your images.

create gallery on WordPress - reorder images

Once you edit your images, click on the “Insert Gallery” button to assign the gallery into your post or page.

create gallery on WordPress - visual editor

Publish/Update your post.